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JROCK INK is a community for anyone who likes, admires or is interested in Tattoo's inspired by Jrock(ers). Whether you're interested in tattoos sported by your favorite jrocker or tattos fellow fan's have gotten, there's something for everyone! Join up and have a look around!

Posting Rules

①Pictures of your tattoos (images larger than 230 pix width must be under a cut)
②Pictures of Jrockers Tattoos (images larger than 230 pix width must be under a cut)
③Requests for images of tattoos.
④Designs of tattoos.
⑤Questions concerning tattoos.
⑥ect. ect. ect.

NOT Allowed
①Graphic nudity.
②Hate Inspired Tattoos
③Irrelevant content
It's simple, if it's not about Jrock Tattoos we don't want to see it.

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Hyde's tatoo! [03/03/12]

Hi! Since a few months, i'm looking forward to do Hyde's wings on my back, but no matter how i search, i can't find a good picture. I've seen that a few of you have those wings tattooed, is someone able to put the designs they used here? or enough photos for doing it by myself?

Thx in advance!


New hello ^__^ [07/02/11]

[ mood | anxious ]

Name :  Jessica
Age:  23
Fav Band/Musician :Dir en grey
Fav Jrock Tattoo :Kyo's damn/skulls on neck tatt
Peircings :  Just ears soon to be snake bites
Tattoos : 3 Diru 1 anime tatt

Pictures of my tattoo(s) :

That is direngrey with wings

Whats lost can not be born again. Lets bloom flowers of attempted suicide ~The final with a lotus flower in center


[ mood | sleepy ]

Name: Mizu

: 19

Favorite band/musician:
Dir en grey and Niikura Kaoru

: 4 in each ear

Just one at the moment, inspired by the jrock and japan-related side of me, as well as my nickname (Mizu)

I've been wanting to do a Dir en grey inspired tattoo but I still don't know what I want. I am a big fan of the band, especially the guitarist Kaoru and I would love to tattoo something that would show my fondness and pride over these wonderful people as well as a wonderful genre in general. If anyone would want to contact me for a inspirational chat or similar, I'd be more than happy^^ I shall be sneaking around this community for inspiration :3

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Hello to everyone~ [02/11/10]

Name : Miya
Fav Band/Musician : Dir en grey
Fav Jrock Tattoo : Die's snake-skin tatto
Peircings : Only three in my ears
Tattoos : None yet~ but I want 3 tattos all inpired by Dir en grey

I'm new on this commn I just found it because of an Dir en grey commn. I have none tattoos yet~ but maybe this summy I will got my first!

Fresh Ink [07/14/09]

Just got my first tattoo... Tattoos. I really jumped in and got two.

Double crownCollapse )

Yeah, I was gonna go for the same spot as Kyo, seeing as how they're the same as his, but I decided since I'm moving to a place that isn't all too... accepting when it comes to these things and jobs I'd move it to a place that's easier to hide... and double it up.
Took about an hour and a half for both and the only parts that really bothered me were on the bones near the crosses. Other than that I was fine the whole time.
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Hello jrockink :) INTRO POST [06/06/09]

Name : Jordan (Panda)
Age. : 19
Fav Band/Musician : I'm in love with D'espairsray. But I also love Dir en grey, Deluhi, OZ, Distraught Overload, lupo label, Miyavi.....vistlip...the list goes on XDD
Fav Jrock Tattoo : ummm I dont really have a favorite :3
Peircings : spider bites on my left lip and 00g ears
Tattoos : 3. One inspired by Hyde's wings and the other are music notes of the chorus in D'espairsray's song KAMIKAZE.
Kyo's butterfly in an ocean color with more detailed smokey patterns

Pictures of my tattoo(s) :
My tattoosCollapse )
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Name : Bethany
Age. : 16
Fav Band/Musician : Malice Mizer, Acid Black Cherry
Fav Jrock Tattoo : Kozi's Tattoos.. <3 Of what I can find and see of course.
Piercings : Ten. Septum, Eyebrow, Spiderbites, Industrial, Lobe, Cartilage.
Tattoos : One. Of a star.
I want something Kozi related. <3

I've been wondering if anyone can find any decent quality pics of Kozi's tattoos? The man doesn't seem to like to take his clothes off, so it's rather difficult to find any even near decent quality. It's driving me nuts, I've been looking for the last two weeks. GH

Intro [05/07/09]


Name: Lee
Age: 18
Fav Band/Musician: Ruki~
Fav J-rock Tattoo: Kyo's hand tattoos...or Maru's wolf
Peircings: Ears, nose, eyebrow
Tattoos: half sleeve peacock, and lotus on my neck

Pictures of my tattoo(s):
Under the cut~Collapse )
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heeey guysssssssss

can anyone translate this for meee? :D



i just want to see if it's 100% correct before i get it tattooed on me. thank youuu.

ps. i'm not naming the artist or anything because i want real translations by people who can understand japanese instead of being directed to a lyrics site!

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Miyavi inspired. 「愛しい人」 [12/01/08]

[ mood | amused ]

I always wanted to get the song title 「愛しい人」 ("Itoshii hito", "Beloved") from Miyavi.
It is my absolute most favorite song. Period.
It means so much to me. It has, I guess in ways, changed my life.
Miyavi's music in general, I think changed my life, and I wanted something to remind me always of that change.♥
Under the cut♥Collapse )

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New new~ [11/30/08]

Name : Alexa
Age. : 17
Fav Band/Musician : Miyavi, An Cafe, Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, Ayabie, Suicide Ali, MUCC, Buck-Tick
Fav Jrock Tattoo : I love Miyavi's back tattoo (and other tattoos) and all of Kiyoharu's tattoos (butterfly, cherry blossoms etc)
Peircings : One on each ear. I could definitely go for a couple more though :)
Tattoos : I'll have to wait till I'm of age. But thats okay, more time to save up. :)

Not much else to say~

:) [11/05/08]

[ mood | tired ]

bol' - Pain
Bog - God

I added a little personal touch to the tribal on my index finger..changed it up slightly...but not too much.
Anyway! Comments. ^__^

Pay no mind to the horrible looking wound on my knuckle.
Don't punch brick walls, kids. It hurts you worse than it does them. :(

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Finally...but still not finished completely. :P [10/05/08]

[ mood | hungry ]

Okay. Once again...here's my version of Kyo's butterfly. :)

I've got most of the color in now and the tribal flames are on...I have to go back next weekend to get those colored in.

This picture does not even do it justice, though. I have some A&D ointment on it, so it looks all slimy and stuff. xD I apologize. I'll try and get some better pics soon. ALSO.. :P The color needs to be gone over again. It was just kind of a test run to make sure it'd look okay.

Alas, enjoy. :D

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possibly dumb question ahead that is only kind of relevant to tattoos [10/04/08]

hiii everyone...

i need some helps >_>;
i hate asking for help, so feel like a loser asking for it, but does anyone have a somewhat good grasp on japanese? i need an english lyric from dir en grey translated to japanese (not the other way around. hahaaaa)

so, if anyone can help me, that'd be awesome. i'll mail you the lyric or something through lj mail. my current game plan of "HEY YOU, ASIAN! YOU CAN WRITE JAPANESEEEEE???????" isn't working out too well. durp :B
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I got more tonight. :) [09/17/08]

[ mood | blah ]


Neither of them are finished yet. I've still got a lot to go on the butterfly; the tribal flames aren't even on there yet and there's no color added in yet. And the star still needs to be colored on the other arm.

Just thought I'd let you guys see 'em, though, and maybe get some opinions on them. :) Don't flame me for having Kyo's tattoos, though...the man's a freakin' God. Can you really, honestly blame me?

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mmm MUCC [09/16/08]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Name : Cat
名前 : キャット
Age : 19
何歳 : 十九歳
Fave Band : MUCC
一ばん好きなバンド : ムック
Piercings: 13 in total. 6 in my left ear, 4 in my right, bellybutton, and 2 unseen...
Tattoos: A Raven on my back with a Japanese quote, and MUCC's logo on my foot

I got my second tattoo for MUCC. It's just their logo in black and white on top of my foot. I was going to get it colored in red, but after an hour and a half of finally finishing up the shading I felt as if I were about to pass out...The foot hurts, stfu >.< Right now I'm planning out a half sleeve and another raven on my back with a quote from one of my favorite Jrock songs. Just not sure which one yet...This pic was taken the day after I got it done so I was still slathering lotion and patroleum jelly-like products all over it.

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I'm hhheeeerrrrreeee. :) [09/11/08]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name : Paige or Kazumi
Age. : 20
Fav Band/Musician : Dir en grey, undoubtedly.
Fav Jrock Tattoo : There's too many I like. lol
Peircings : Tongue. That's it.
Tattoos : "Don't hesitate & Go" on my stomach, an orange lotus flower on my left arm, "Dir en grey" in the middle of my back, Angel wings on my back, gay pride rainbow nautical stars on the inside of my arms, 2 mudflap girls on the back of my neck, "Foxxx" (my band) in the center of my back, "elegant" on my right arm with the japanese rising sun coming out from behind it, the crown of the Russian empire on my right wrist, and a swallow on my heart. [[if I forgot any, forgive me. I have so many that it's hard to keep up sometimes.]]

Pictures of my tattoo(s) :
the brightest hour of my darkest dayCollapse )

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An important question for all you 'pros'. [08/17/08]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Name :  Duckie.
Age. :  15.
Favorite Band/Musician : Dir en grey.
Fav Jrock Tattoo : Die's hand tattoo.
Peircings :  Four; all on ears.
Tattoos :  None.

Hey; I'm new to this forum and I've joined because in the next few months I will be getting a tattoo with the lyrics 'Hey, smile. Don't cry anymore.' ('nee , waratte yo mou nakanaide') from Dir en grey's "Ain't Afraid to Die."
I was wondering how I can find the proper kanji for it, and how much tattoos hurt?
I have a very high pain threshold so I'm thinking I should be fine, but I'd like to get an honest opinion on it. 

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intro posts and new tattoos [08/14/08]

[ mood | calm ]

This~ is a double intro, and the sharing of two new tattoos. My best friend and I got them together when she visited me... and they have a lot of meaning for us. I hope you enjoy them. ^^

Read more...Collapse )

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picture request~ [06/24/08]

hey everyone, i've been planning on getting a butterfly tattoo for the past 4 years now, (kyos, more specifically, even though i know it's been covered now)

thinking about how many people have butterfly tattoos got me curious to see how many jrockers have them, as well as members of this comm. so if you'd like (and can help me out, since i am curious ^^) post pictures of butterfly tattoos on you, or a j-musician.

thanks a lot!~
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